How to shop


1. Go to the product page for the rose/rose deal you want to buy.

2. Scroll down to select engraving and preview your engraving text.

3. Type the engraving text and select font and you will see how your engraving will look on the product. The engraving text itself will not be red as shown in the example image, but it says what color the engraving will actually be on the product above the engraving example.

Please note the following:

- You have to stay within the red frame (the red frame won't be engraved).

- If you're ordering a rose deal (2+ roses) you have to switch engraving tabs and select engraving text for each rose separately (and for each gift box if you want).

- If you want a heart engraved you can click on the heart icon to the right of the text field.

4. Your engraving selections are saved automatically.

5. When you are happy with your engraving click the "Add to Cart" button. Your rose(s) is then added to the shopping cart with your saved engraving text. Then proceed to the checkout and complete the order.

When you have completed the order you will receive an order confirmation via email and then another email with shipping information when your order has been shipped.

ATTENTION! If you notice that something in the engraving text is wrong when you have put it in the shopping cart, you must remove the product from the shopping cart and go to the product page again and enter the engraving text again and then add the product to the shopping cart again.

If you have any questions, just contact us!

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