24k Gold Dipped Rose

Add Personalized Text to The Stem of The Rose
Free Engraving on Roses

Personalized Real Roses Plated with Precious Metals
Yes, this is indeed the perfect romantic gift. The rose is the official flower of love, but roses wither quickly.

So what says "I love you" more than a real rose that actually lasts forever, because it has been plated with a precious metal?

The precious metal plating creates a unique and very beautiful rose that also allows for engraving on the stem, making this gift personalized and even more thoughtful.

A real rose dipped in a precious metal, for example a gold dipped rose, can also be a great gift for a close friend or family member that will appreciate the thoughtfulness and beauty of the rose.

All roses come with a display stand so they can be neatly presented in any home.

Give someone you hold dear one of the best gifts of their lives, order a Personalized Love Rose today.

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