Gold Dipped Rose

Are you looking for a 24k gold dipped rose? Look no further than our premium selection when it comes to choosing the perfect 24K gold plated rose. Personalization with engraving on the stem elevates this already unique gift to yet another level. And yes, this is actually a real rose dipped in gold.

Personlization is inlcluded on all of our roses, and it's easy to select your own engraving. We use traditional mechanical engraving, and the result looks absolutlely amazing. Just check any of our images of our engraved gold dipped real roses on a product page or on our instagram.

There are countless versions of gold plated roses for sale in online stores and on marketplaces in all different price ranges, and having talked to many customers we know that many of them both look and feel cheap, even if they looked nice in photos online. But our gold coated roses are of excellent quality. They are very sturdy and we can proudly say that they are in the high end range of this product type, they will truly last a lifetime. And the added personal touch of engraving on the stem makes it a truly special and personal gift.

Order a gold dipped rose today and make that special someone in your life smile with joy.

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5 Items


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